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4 Gallon HDPE Bottle Blow Molding Machine Auto Deflashing

1 set
USD 30000-50000 per set
4 Gallon HDPE Bottle Blow Molding Machine Auto Deflashing
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Output Capacity: 180~200 Pcs/h
Size: 4.6×3×2.4(M)
Weight: 8.2T
Screw: 90MM
Max Die Mouth: 180MM
Clamping Force: 108KN
Template Distance: 240~660mm
Max Mould Size: 530X550mm
High Light:

90MM Bottle Blow Molding Machine


4 Gallon HDPE Blow Molding Machine


Auto Deflashing Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DAWSON
Certification: CE
Model Number: ABLB90II
Payment & Shipping Terms
Delivery Time: 40-65 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Product Description

4 Gallon HDPE Auto-Deflashing High Quality Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Model NO.
Bottles, Jars, Jerry Cans, Gallons, Containers
Double Station
Die Head
Single Head
Max. Product Volume
with Auto-Deflashing
Clamping System
Toggle Type Clamping System
One Cavity
Suitable Material
10~20L / 4 Gallons Bottle
Made in
Max Die Mouth
Clamping Force
Template Distance
Max Mould Size
Transport Package
Film Packing
Jiangsu Zhangjiagang
HS Code
Production Capacity
180~200 PCS/H


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Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine ABLB90II-1

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Product Description

4 Gallon HDPE Bottle Blow Molding Machine Auto Deflashing 1​​

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Product Parameters

4 Gallon Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Full Auto Line ABLB90II

u Product: HDPE 4 gallons/ 15L water bottle

u Max volume of this machine: 20L

u Power supply: 380/220v 50/60 Hz Tri-phase

u Output capacity: 180~200 pcs/h

u Die head number: 1

u Suitable raw material: HDPE, PP


Basic parameters Suitable material PE.PP,PVC,PS,PETG,so on
Max volume 20L
Output capacity 180~200 pcs/h
Size 4.6*3*2.4(M)
Weight 8.2T
system Specification Parameters Note
Plasticizion system Summarize High efficient low power consumption plasticizion system, transducer control, self-protect function when started at low temperature  
Reducer Hard finishing,High intension,Low noise reducer  
Screw 90mm,L/D ratio 25, 38CrMoALA Cooling system available
Plasticization 130Kg/H HDPE
Heating Zone 4 Aluminum Heater Automatic heating
Heating power 8KW/H  
Extrusion Motor Three phase asynchronous motor (380V,50HZ)  
Cooling Fan 4zone Automatic cooling
Extrusion system Summarize High-grade alloy steel, center feeding  
Die head number 1  
Center distance of die heads /  
Max die mouth 180mm  
Heating zone 4 Stainless steel heating cycle  
Heating power 5~7KW  
Clamping system Summarize
High intension, rigidity, center mold locking, stable mould opening and clamping system  
Clamping force 108KN  
Template distance 240~660mm  
Max mould size 530X550mm  
Mould material High grade 50# steel  
Electric system Summarize PLC+ touch screen(man-machine interface)standard extrusion blow molding machine controlling system(AUTO monitoring, fault-alarm, auto counting ,auxiliary function available)
Japanese Mitsubishi PLC
Operate interface Touch screen, automatic self-diagnose alarm system  
Temperature control Automatic temperature control module  
Movement control Japanese Mitsubishi, Chinese/English
Electric protection Ampere overload, electric short circuit self-protection function  
Hydraulic system Summarize Multiple function hydraulic integrated block Proportional control, high efficient  
Oil pump motor Three phase asynchronous motor 11kw (380V/220V,50/60HZ)  
Oil pump Imported double pump  
Valves Imported oil pump valves and connections  
Oil pipes Double layer overpressure resistant  
System pressure 60Kg/cm²  
Cooling system Separate water cooling cycle, oil cooler cooling system  
Pneumatic system Summarize Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic system  
Air pressure 0.6Mpa  
Air displacement 0.9M3/min  
Electromagnetic valve Taiwan AIRTAC  
Cooling system Summarize Separate cooling system of mould, barrel and oil system  
Cooling medium Water  
Water flow 90L/min  
Water pressure 0.3-0.6MPa  

Type of Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion blow molding
In Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM), plastic is melted and extruded into a hollow tube (a parison). This parison is then captured by closing it into a cooled metal mold. Air is then blown into the parison, inflating it into the shape of the hollow bottle, container or part. After the plastic has cooled sufficiently, the mold is opened and the part is ejected.

EBM processes may be either continuous (constant extrusion of the parison) or intermittent. Types of EBM equipment may be categorized as follows:
1. Continuous Extrusion Equipment
  • Rotary wheel blow molding systems
  • Shuttle machinery
2. Intermittent Extrusion Machinery
  • Reciprocating screw machinery
  • Accumulator head machinery
Examples of parts made by the EBM process include dairy containers, shampoo bottles, and hollow industrial parts such as drums.
Basic polymers, such as PP, HDPE, PVC and PET are increasingly being co-extruded with high barrier resins, such as EVOH or Nylon, to provide permeation resistance to water, oxygen, CO2 or other substances. In dairy applications, it is possible to extrude a black light-blocking layer in the center layer of containers, with opaque white resin used in the inner and outer layers.
Compared to injection molding, blow molding is a low pressure process, with typical blow air pressures of 25 to 150 psi. This low pressure process allows the production of economical low-force clamping stations, while parts can still be produced with surface finishes ranging from high gloss to textured. The resulting low stresses in the molded parts also help make the containers resistant to strain and environmental stress cracking.

Accumulator Head Machinery is used for the extrusion blow molding of large industrial hollow parts. Examples of parts produced on this machinery include drums, trash cans, automotive panels, playground equipment, and large containers, such as Jerry Cans, for liquid storage. Most parts produced on accumulator head machinery are single layer; however, specialized machinery is capable of producing parts with up to seven unique layers of plastic - these machines are used primarily to manufacture automotive gasoline tanks with barrier layers.
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Injection Blow Molding Machine

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Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Applictions ....

Chemicals : Pesticide bottles and industrial buckets, chemical buckets and other hollow blow-molded buckets.

Cosmetics&Pharmaceuticals : Vaccine bottles, medicine bottles, medical bed boards, cosmetic boxes, jars and vaseline bottles and other plastic machinery products used in cosmetic and medical fields.

House hold : Plastic empty blow-molded bottles, plastic containers, such as shower gel bottles, shampoo bottles, body lotion bottles, laundry detergent bottles, cleaning supplies bottles, hand sanitizer bottle, disinfectant bottle, alcohol disinfectant bottle etc. that are often used in daily life.

Indoor & outdoor : Plastic products are widely used, such as plastic hollow flower pots, plastic watering cans, plastic pet houses, plastic cold storage boxes, plastic children's toys, plastic-bus chairs, plastic tables and chairs, plastic trash cans, plastic traffic cones, plastic life buoys, plastic floats , Plastic buoys, plastic mannequins, etc., plastic machinery products can be seen everywhere.

Food & Beverage : The common applications of plastic products in the food and beverage industry are ketchup bottles, soy sauce bottles, honey bottles, mustard sauce bottles, milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice bottles, alcohol bottle etc. Baby bottles are also common in plastic machinery in the beverage and food industry Applications.

Lubrication : The most common applications for hollow extrusion blow molding machines are lubricating oil barrels, 1L 2L lubricating oil bottles, 5L 10L cans, 10L 20L 25L to 30L lubricating oil Jerry can, and even 60L ~ 250L large barrels.

Automotive : The application of plastic products also accounts for a large part of automobile parts, such as plastic parts in automobile engines, plastic automobile safety stalks, plastic door handles, plastic car lamp housings, etc.


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