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The operating process of the bottle blowing machine

October 8, 2022

Latest company news about The operating process of the bottle blowing machine

The operating process of the bottle blowing machine

First, preheating, the preform (embryo) through the infrared high-temperature lamp irradiation, the preform (embryo) preform (embryo) body part heating and softening, in order to maintain the shape of bottle mouth, the preform (embryo) mouth does not need heating, therefore, a certain cooling device is needed to carry out the cooling operation.

Second, blow molding, the stage is to put the preheated preform (embryo) into the preformed blow mold, high-pressure inflation of the inside, blow the preform (embryo) into the desired bottle. The bottle blowing machine on the market is generally divided into automatic and semi-automatic two. The full-automatic bottle blowing machine completes the two operations of the bottle blowing together by the operation of the manipulator, avoiding the process of putting the preheated bottle preforms (embryos) into the blowing die manually in the middle. The rate of production has been greatly accelerated, and of course the price is higher than the semi-automatic.

Folding edit this section of product selection, how to choose their own needs of the bottle-blowing machine model, presumably is also the most concerned about the topic.

In general, according to their needs to choose the type of bottle blowing machine. For different dosage manufacturers, the general concern is a few cavity, the size of the bottle capacity, and the output per hour. It is critical to choose the model that meets your needs. Bottom left: semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, bottom right: full-automatic bottle blowing machine as shown in the picture: fold and edit the operation steps of this section,

step 1: put the bottle germ in the bottle germ container, through the conveying device automatically into the bottle germ positioning device.

Step 2: the bottle embryo mouth is loaded onto the bottle embryo fixer automatically, and then is sent into the drying path.

​Step 3: after heating, the bottle embryo is sent into the blowing-drawing platform, and then mold locking, successively by low-pressure blowing-drawing, high-pressure blowing-drawing, exhaust, and finally open the mold.

Step 4: the bottle is taken down from the bottle blowing platform by the automatic demoulding system.

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