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the classification of injection molding machines

February 15, 2022

Latest company news about the classification of injection molding machines

the classification of injection molding machines

There are three types of horizontal, vertical and angle configurations according to the clamping part and the injection part.
(1) Horizontal injection molding machine: Horizontal injection molding machine is the most commonly used type. It is characterized by the middle of the injection assembly
The center line is concentric or consistent with the center line of the clamping assembly, and parallel to the installation ground. Its advantage is the center of gravity Low speed, stable operation, convenient mold installation, operation and maintenance, large mold opening and high space occupation
Small size: but it occupies a large area, and it is widely used in large, medium and small computers.
(2) Vertical injection molding machine: It is characterized in that the axes of the clamping device and the injection device are arranged in a line and perpendicular to the ground. It has the advantages of small footprint, easy assembly and disassembly of the mold, easy installation of the insert, and it can be dropped from the hopper.
The material can be plasticized evenly, and it is easy to realize the advantages of automation and automatic line management of multiple machines. shortcoming The ejected products are not easy to fall off automatically, and often need to be removed manually or by other methods, and it is not easy to realize fully automatic operation.
Production and injection of large products: the body is high, feeding and maintenance are inconvenient.
(3) Angle injection molding machine: The axes of the injection device and the clamping device are arranged vertically to each other. According to injection The relative positions of the center line of the assembly and the installation base are divided into horizontal and vertical, vertical and horizontal, and horizontal: ① horizontal and vertical type, the injection assembly line is parallel to the base surface, and the center line of the clamping assembly is perpendicular to the base surface: ② Vertical and horizontal type, note The center line of the injection assembly is perpendicular to the base surface, while the center line of the clamping assembly is parallel to the base surface. Advantages of angle injection machine  The point is that it has the advantages of both horizontal and vertical injection machines, and is especially suitable for opening side gate asymmetric geometries mould for shaped products.

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