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Technical development and maintenance

October 17, 2022

Latest company news about Technical development and maintenance

Technical development and maintenance


Technological development
Beverage enterprises have two urgent needs for bottle blowing equipment. One is that because the price of plastic raw materials continues to rise, beverage enterprises are always thinking about how to reduce packaging costs to maximize profits, so they need to use advanced bottle blowing equipment to produce lighter bottles; Secondly, due to the rapid changes in the market, beverage manufacturers must respond flexibly to the shorter and shorter life cycle of beverages. Correspondingly, PET bottle production has increasingly frequent product updates. In the production process, it is necessary to minimize the time for mold replacement. These two urgent needs pose a big problem for the bottle blowing equipment suppliers.
Closed Loop technology refers to the integration of the process parameters verified by connecting lines into the process control system of the stretch bottle blowing machine, forming a closed production cycle process that combines automatic control with automatic adjustment. The intelligent machine control technology aims to improve the quality assurance system of the bottle blowing machine. The use of the AgrPETWallplus monitoring system can monitor various data of bottle preforms such as bottle wall thickness. During operation, the data deviating from the system rating will be immediately identified, and this information will be timely transmitted to the control system of the bottle blank heating unit of the bottle blowing machine. The control system will quickly reflect and independently control the rating of each heating lamp in the heating furnace. Therefore, even if the data of each bottle is different, the quality of the produced bottle is stable and reliable when the initial set process parameters remain unchanged.

1. No feeding at the feeding level: several conditions need to be checked:
Is there no material in the hopper? If yes, it needs to be fed quickly
No: please check whether the control contactor of the elevator is powered on. If it is, please check whether the motor is powered on and loaded, because it is likely that the bottle preform (preform) has stuck the lifting belt. At this time, the simplest method is to manually help to lift.
If the control contactor of the elevator is not powered on, please check whether the bottle embryo detection flashlight is not in the same line with the reflector.
2. Feeding plate with old feeding card: this is a headache. From experience, if the preform (embryo) is long and the cutting weight is large, this phenomenon is relatively rare.
3 The bottle cannot be taken out of the mold after blowing.
First, open the mold, open and close the mold manually. If it is normal, run it in the empty state, if it is also normal.
Please check your exhaust time setting. If the exhaust setting is normal and the failure occurs every time the bottle is blown, it can be determined that the problem is the exhaust valve. Please open the exhaust valve to check its spring and seals (another phenomenon of this failure is that the exhaust sound is loud or there is an unclean sound).
If you encounter the situation that the mold cannot be opened occasionally in the normal production of many molds, please check whether there is a section of the screw in the mold locking pin. In addition, please check whether the mold locking force is too large. If it is too large, it should be readjusted according to the standard.
4 Bottles are always pinched
Whether the position of the manipulator is misplaced.
5 Collision between two manipulators
This situation requires manual reset of the manipulator, which is caused by dislocation

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