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Production Safety Operation Procedures for Blow Molding Machine

November 14, 2022

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Production Safety Operation Procedures for Blow Molding Machine


1、Make preparations before startup: 1) The heating and insulation time is sufficient to reach the temperature

Conditions. 2) Start the air compressor 30 minutes in advance to meet the required air pressure conditions. 3) During heating, the water pump is turned on, and the cooling water of the upper servo cylinder connector of the machine head is always turned on. 4) Prepare in advance and mix materials well. 5) Sanitary cleaning, tool preparation, magnetic rack inspection and cleaning. 6) All guide pillars and lubricating points shall be sprayed with oil for lubrication. 7) Open the main oil pump and enter the manual page. Commissioning each action in turn to ensure that it is executed well without any problems (actions include: mold opening and closing in place, needle blowing up and down in place, expansion opening and closing in place, manipulator opening and closing in place, gripper opening and closing, lower sealing opening and closing, and ejector rod moving forward and backward)

2、 Start up: 1. Turn on the feeder; 2. Turn on the main oil pump, servo pump, and the cutter. Rotate the potentiometer knob, be careful not to turn it to the end at one time, gradually increase the speed, closely observe the current size and change, and the maximum instantaneous current shall not exceed 220A 4. After the cutter of the main machine is turned on, observe the feeding amount to simulate that when the bar reaches the middle section, open the die mouth, try to inject the material once, and then close the die mouth to cut off the blank. After several times of trial firing, prepare to enter the automatic production program. 5. Open the main page of the touch screen, press the red button of mold opening in place and return. After the action is completed, press the "Automatic Preparation" touch key, and then press the "Program Start" touch key. (Or press the empty cycle key once to check the automatic action).

3、 According to the weight required by the product, call out qualified products as soon as possible, adjust the feeding amount and weight correction items on the "F1" page of the wall thickness controller, and then adjust them according to the actual weight of the product.

First, adjust the value of the feeding amount to obtain a suitable blank length, which can be controlled by the "One Cycle" button.

Adjust the "weight correction" item, and timely adjust the appropriate thickness and product weight.

Situation A: If the product is too heavy, it needs to be reduced. First, reduce the value of the feeding amount, and at the same time adjust the "weight correction" to a negative value to thin the product.

Situation B: If the product is too light, it needs to be heavier. First, increase the feeding amount, and adjust the "weight correction" to a positive value to adjust the thickness of the product.

Under the condition that the feeding amount and thickness are basically normal and relatively stable, adjust the product weight to make it fully meet the required weight range to obtain qualified products.

In the "Time" menu on the touch screen control page, the "Mold closing prediction" time item can be used as a minor adjustment of the product weight, but the amount of leftover material blown out of the mold by the blank must be controlled to be within the appropriate range (this item is mainly used to ensure that the product can be formed and qualified). The main adjustment depends on the feeding amount and weight correction on the F1 page of the wall thickness controller.

In the normal production process, once waste products appear, the high-pressure blowing time should be adjusted to a relatively small value in time, and the venting time should also be adjusted to a smaller value in time to ensure that sufficient air pressure can form the next qualified product.

4、 Shutdown: 1. Planned shutdown: first turn the stranding potentiometer back to the zero position and stop the stranding section: after finishing the last product, turn off the servo pump and the main oil pump in turn. Stop heating and turn off all auxiliary machines in turn. 2. After the fault is completely eliminated, the machine can be started according to the normal startup steps.


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