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Precautions for use of injection molding machine

November 7, 2022

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Precautions for use of injection molding machine


1. When using the machine, you must pay attention to the safety of operation. First, check the reliability of the safety door. When the machine is running, remember not to put your hand into the mold locking mechanism. When taking products, you must open the safety door. Only after confirming the safety of personnel or the mold is free of foreign matters can you close the safety door.

During operation, the hand cannot reach between the nozzle and the mold gate. When repairing the mold, the oil pump motor must be turned off

2. Due to different types of raw materials, sizes and shapes of product areas, the required clamping force is also different. Please adjust the mold according to the minimum clamping force actually required, which will not only save power consumption, but also significantly extend the service life of the machine.

3. The pressure adjustment of the hydraulic system should be carried out according to the requirements of each action, and should not be too high. The reasonable use of pressure can not only save energy, but also extend the service life of the machine.

The position of each limit switch should also be adjusted according to the requirements of the finished product, especially the adjustment of the switching point during the injection to the pressure maintaining process. Otherwise, the mold filling of the product will be insufficient. On the contrary, it will lead to excessive internal stress or flash of the product, or even cause mold expansion, making it difficult to open the mold.

4. When there is no material in the screw or barrel, it is not appropriate to use a high screw speed (preferably below 30 rpm). When the raw material fills the screw groove (when molten material is extruded from the nozzle), increase the screw speed to the required value. To avoid scratching the screw or barrel due to too high idling speed or too long time.

5. It takes about 30 minutes for the barrel to heat from room temperature to the required temperature. If there is residual cold material in the barrel, it must be kept warm for another ten minutes. Only then can the screw be started for feeding, so as to ensure that the residual cold material is fully melted and avoid damaging the screw.

6. The oil pump safety valve in the machine has been adjusted at the factory. Please do not change it at will.

7. When the machine starts to run, when the temperature of cooling water rises by 5C ° - 10C ° (when there is no water in the cooler, it must be filled with water first), then gradually open the water inlet valve of the cooler, and adjust the water inflow during use to keep the oil temperature below 55C °.

When starting the cooler, remember to quickly open the water inlet valve. When a large amount of cooling water flows through the cooler, a layer of "supercooled layer" with poor thermal conductivity will form on the surface of the cooler tube. In the future, even if a large amount of water enters the cooler, it will still not have a good cooling effect.

8. The lubrication of the machine shall be strictly carried out according to the operation requirements. If the machine is operated under the condition of lack of oil, it will seriously wear the machine parts, especially the connecting rod and steel sleeve of the mold locking machine. If the machine is lack of oil, it may be bitten and unable to work.

9. The connecting screw of the heating and plasticizing parts such as the barrel and the screw should be coated with heat-resistant lubricating grease (red lead or copper disulfide) when disassembling because they are working at high temperatures, so as to avoid the possibility of being bitten and unable to be disassembled.

10. The mold installation surface of the template has a high processing accuracy. Please do not use the mold with poor installation surface and parallelism and bad screws to avoid damaging the performance of the template and the mold locking mechanism.

11. Please do not keep the mold locked for a long time (more than ten minutes) on the two surfaces of the mold installation to avoid oil break of the connecting rod pin and the steel sleeve, which may prevent the mold from opening.

12. Keep moving with each other and keep the surface clean.

13. At the end of each processing:

① Close the blanking plug plate of the hopper, and adopt the "manual" operation mode. The injection base moves back and repeatedly performs preplastic feeding and injection, so as to discharge the remaining materials in the barrel as far as possible.

② The "manual" operation mode is adopted, and the closing die is in a free state.

③ Cut off the heating power supply, turn off the oil pump motor, the main power supply and the cooling water.

④ Clean and maintain the machine.

14. The nameplate of each switch shall be recognized during operation, and misoperation is not allowed to avoid damaging the machine.

15. When the electric heating ring is in use, it may become loose due to heating expansion. Please check it frequently and tighten it at any time during use.

16. The measuring head of the thermocouple shall be in good contact with the temperature measuring hole end of the barrel. Before starting, it shall be checked. In case of poor contact, it shall be tightened at any time.


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