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Operation steps and technical development of blow molding machine

April 6, 2022

Operation steps and technical development of blow molding machine


Step 1. Place the preform in the preform container, and automatically enter the preform positioning device through the conveying device.

Step 2. Automatically load the preform from the mouth up to the preform holder, and then send it into the drying tunnel.

Step 3. After heating, the preform is sent to the blowing and drawing platform, and then the mold is locked, followed by low-pressure blowing and drawing, high-pressure blowing and drawing, exhaust, and finally the mold is opened.

Step 4. The finished bottle is taken off the bottle blowing platform by the automatic demolding system.


Technological development

Beverage companies have two urgent needs for blowing equipment. One is that because the price of plastic raw materials continues to rise, beverage companies are always thinking about how to reduce packaging costs to maximize profits, so they need to use advanced blowing equipment to produce lighter weight. The second is that due to the ever-changing market changes, beverage manufacturers must respond flexibly to the shorter and shorter life cycle of beverages. Correspondingly, the increasingly frequent product renewal problems in the production of PET bottles, in the production process It is necessary to minimize the time for changing the mold. These two urgent needs have created a big problem for bottle blowing equipment suppliers.

Closed Loop technology refers to the integration of the process parameters of the online verification into the process control system of the stretch blow molding machine to form a closed production cycle process that combines automatic control and automatic adjustment. The intelligent machine control technology aims to improve the quality assurance system of the blow molding machine. Various data of the preform such as bottle wall thickness can be monitored through the use of the AgrPETWallplus monitoring system. During operation, the data deviating from the rated value of the system will be identified immediately, and this information will be transmitted to the control system of the preform heating unit of the blow molding machine in time, and the control system will quickly reflect and individually control the heating lamps in the heating furnace. rated value. Therefore, even if the data of each bottle is different, the quality of the produced bottle is still stable and reliable under the condition that the initially set process parameters remain unchanged.

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