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Operating instructions for blow molding machine

January 18, 2023

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Operating instructions for blow molding machine


1. Purpose
In order to operate the machine in a more standardized way and ensure the normal operation of safe production.
2. Scope
It is applicable to the use and operation of operators and maintenance personnel in the blow molding department.
3. Operating procedures
3.1 Before starting the machine, the operator shall check whether the circuit, oil circuit and gas circuit of the machine are normal to prevent electric leakage and oil leakage.
3.2 Before starting the machine, first check and confirm the performance of all parts of the machine safety switch, and then start the machine after everything is normal.
3.3 Turn on the power switch, start the machine power, and set and adjust the temperature according to different materials produced.
3.4 When the temperature is not enough, it is forbidden to start the extrusion motor of the machine to prevent screw damage.
3.5 Adjust the best position of the blowing needle and cutter, and confirm whether the relevant ring connection is completely operated.
3.6 Start the machine for idling and check all relevant actions: mold locking, displacement, needle blowing, knife cutting, etc.
3.7 Check the temperature and start the extruding system of the machine. The extruding speed should be from slow to fast after the rubber is discharged from the die.
3.8 According to the weight requirements of the product, adjust the thickness of the rubber position, and check the quality of the product before mass production.
4. Precautions
4.1 Before operating the equipment, the operator must read the operating instructions of the equipment. Non-professional personnel are prohibited to operate the machine..
4.2 The equipment must be installed with good grounding protection circuit to prevent electric shock accidents.
4.3 Before heating the equipment, the cooling water of each part must be connected.
4.4 All personnel shall stay away from the lower part of the die mouth for the first extrusion of each start-up production.
4.5 During equipment production, operators are strictly prohibited from standing in the mold opening and closing area.
4.6 The mold mouth and barrel surface shall be protected from burns due to high temperature.
4.7 Non-professional personnel shall not carry out any operation on all energized parts of the equipment.
4.8 Squeezing power transmission part shall avoid frequent start and stop as much as possible.
4.9 The moving parts of the equipment must be filled with lubricating grease regularly.
4.10 All power sources must be cut off when entering the equipment for repair and maintenance.
4.11 The color of the blade shall be dark red when the electric knife is adjusted to prevent the resin from burning due to overheating of the knife.
5. Equipment maintenance
5.1 Inspect and maintain the performance of the motor, belt and other parts of the machine every month to ensure normal operation.
5.2 Check daily to ensure normal operation, and fill in the inspection results in the Inspection Form for Maintenance and Maintenance of Production Equipment in Month and Year.
5.3 Add butter once a month.
6. Record form:
Checklist for Maintenance and Maintenance of Production Equipment

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