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Injection molding machine application

April 14, 2023

Latest company news about Injection molding machine application

Injection molding machine application


Automotive industry: car lamp shells, most car interior parts, car bumpers, and so on.

Electronics industry: mobile phone casings and some mechanical components, laptop casings, desktop monitor casings, mice, keyboards, USB, etc

Household appliances: TV casing, washing machine, refrigerator, hair dryer, telephone, power switch, socket, electric kettle handle and base, etc.

Daily necessities: microwave lunch boxes, water cups, plastic stools, plastic tables, plastic sorting boxes, plastic flower pots, plastic dustpans,


plastic bowls, plastic pots, plastic toys, water dispenser shells, clothes hangers, etc.

Cosmetics industry: Some cosmetics packaging (bottles, lids), etc

Medical industry: disposable syringes, devices for adjusting liquid volume on infusion tubes, etc

Office supplies industry: whiteboard pens, ink pens, rulers, file racks, printer shells, copier shells, fax machine shells, and so on.

Take a look at the plastic things around us. Except for the thin film and small bottle bodies that are made by blow molding, suction molding, or hot pressing, most of the other things are injection molded.

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