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Features of injection molding machine

July 18, 2022

Features of injection molding machine


Folding vertical injection molding machine
1. The injection device and the clamping device are on the same vertical centerline, and the mold is opened and closed in the up and down direction. The floor area is only about half of that of the horizontal machine, so the productivity is about twice as much in terms of floor space.

2. It is easy to realize insert molding. Because the mold surface faces up, insert placement is easy. If the lower platen is fixed and the upper platen is movable, the combination of the belt conveyor and the manipulator can easily realize fully automatic insert molding.

3. The weight of the mold is supported by the horizontal template to open and close up and down, and the phenomenon that the template cannot be opened and closed due to the gravity of the mold will not occur similar to the horizontal machine. It is beneficial to maintain the accuracy of machinery and molds for durability.

4. The cavity of each plastic part can be taken out by a simple manipulator, which is conducive to precision molding.

5. Generally, the clamping device is open around, and it is easy to configure various automation devices, which is suitable for automatic molding of complex and delicate products.

6. The belt conveying device is easy to install through the middle of the mold, which is convenient for automatic molding production.

7. It is easy to ensure the consistency of the resin fluidity in the mold and the mold temperature distribution.

8. Equipped with rotating table, moving table and inclined table, etc., it is easy to realize insert molding and in-mold combined molding.

9. During small batch trial production, the mold structure is simple and low cost, and it is easy to unload.

10. Having withstood the test of many earthquakes, the vertical machine has better seismic resistance than the horizontal machine due to its low center of gravity.

Folding horizontal injection molding machine
1. Even if the mainframe is low, there is no height limit for the plant where it is placed.

2. When the product can be dropped automatically, automatic molding can be realized without using a manipulator.

3. Due to the low body, the feeding is convenient and the maintenance is easy.

4. The mold needs to be installed by crane.

5. When multiple units are arranged side by side, the molded products are easily collected and packaged by the conveyor belt.

Folding corner injection molding machine
The axis of the injection screw of the angle injection molding machine and the movement axis of the mold clamping mechanism template are arranged perpendicular to each other, and its advantages and disadvantages are between the vertical and horizontal. Because the injection direction and the parting surface of the mold are on the same plane, the angle injection molding machine is suitable for molds with asymmetric geometry with side gates or products that do not allow gate marks in the molding center.

Two-color injection molding machine

The injection molding machine that can inject two colors at one time can meet consumers' requirements for appearance and make users feel more comfortable using the product.

Folding multi-station forming machine
The injection device and the mold clamping device have two or more working positions, and the injection device and the mold clamping device can be arranged in various ways.

Folding Electric Injection Molding Machine
All-electric injection molding machines can not only meet the needs of special purposes, but also have more advantages than ordinary injection molding machines.

Another advantage of an all-electric injection molding machine is that it can reduce noise, which not only benefits the workers, but also reduces investment and construction costs in sound-proof production workshops.

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