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Common materials for molds

February 7, 2022

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Common materials for molds

At present, our mold materials mainly include:

• 50 Steel Steel S50C#: Basic model for blow moulding at a good price

• P20# Steel P20#: A relatively common material, currently used more, the quality is medium to upper, higher than 50 steel

• Stainless steel S136H: high-grade stainless steel S136H, the best die steel at present, is also the main material at present

• Magnesium-aluminum 7075# beryllium copper insert: the most high-grade blow mold material, aluminum 7075 has the best cooling, the lightest, and the best molding effect. The beryllium copper has a very high hardness and is used as a knife-edge insert for the mold, making the mold very durable. .

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