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Classification of hollow blow molding machines

November 28, 2022

Latest company news about Classification of hollow blow molding machines

Classification of hollow blow molding machines


What is a hollow blow molding machine? To put it simply, the raw materials are plasticized to form the embryo, the tubular embryo is extruded by the extruder, the mold head is injected into the mold, the compressed air is injected, the mold embryo is blown up, close to the mold interior, and the cooling demoulding is carried out. All kinds of hollow blow molded products come out!

After roughly understanding the hollow blow molding machine, what are the classification of the hollow blow molding machine?

According to the different processing methods of the parison, the hollow blow molding machine is divided into extrusion blow molding machine and injection blow molding machine. The more common one is the extrusion blow molding machine. The process just mentioned in the second paragraph is the processing method of the extrusion blow molding machine. In more detail, thermoplastics (raw materials) are rotated by a screw, heated into a molten state, extruded by a die, and cooled.

Injection molding is to place powdery raw materials in the hopper of the injection machine, heat the raw materials to melt and flow, and inject them into the mold cavity through the nozzle through the screw or piston to harden and shape.

The above are two types of molding processes of hollow blow molding machines. I briefly introduced them to you. Injection molding and extrusion molding are different. Interested friends poke in to learn about them. They also speak in plain English. Don't worry about not understanding them!

There are also large and small types of hollow blow molding machines. Large blow molding machines may produce products with a volume of several milliliters to several hundred milliliters, such as small plastic bottles, cosmetic packaging, toys, etc. The production capacity of large blow molding machine ranges from several hundred liters to tens of thousands of liters, and the products produced here can be used in a wide range! Such as roadblocks, industrial water tanks, large plastic buckets, industrial facilities, etc.

The large blow molding machines in the category of hollow blow molding machines are a test for the technology of various manufacturers. The blow molding machines produced by the plastic machinery company are between 50L-30000L, which can produce 1-10 layers of large multi-layer blow molding machines, meeting most customer needs.

Blow molding machines are favored by foreign countries. Blow molding machines have been widely used in 45 countries, including the Middle East, America, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia, and have been trusted and praised by customers.

Screw diameter of plastic blow molding machine

From the current technical level, the screw diameters of plastic blow molding machines generally range from 30 to 150. The specific type depends on the actual product production needs.

Volume of products produced by plastic blow molding machine

At present, the volume of products produced by the plastic blow molding machine ranges from a few milliliters to tens of thousands of liters, which mainly depends on where the products are used.

Number of product layers produced by plastic blow molding machine

As we all know, plastic blow molding machines can produce multi-layer products, generally between 1-8 layers. This is the same as the product volume, which is mainly determined according to the application field of the product.

Production raw materials used in plastic blow molding machine

The raw materials that the plastic blow molding machine can support at present are PP, PE, PC, PVC, etc. Different raw materials and plastic blow molding machines have different configurations, and the products that can be produced may also be different.

Structure of plastic blow molding machine

According to different production process requirements, it can be divided into single station and double station. A single station can produce one product at a time, and a double station can produce two products.

Processing technology of plastic blow molding machine

The processing technology here mainly refers to the processing method of raw materials by blow molding machine, which can be divided into continuous type and storage type.

The continuous blow molding machine is a ready to use raw material,

The storage type blow molding machine is used to store the raw materials needed to produce a product before the next step of production.


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