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Analysis of development trend of injection molding machine industry

January 12, 2023

Latest company news about Analysis of development trend of injection molding machine industry

Analysis of development trend of injection molding machine industry

The injection molding machine is the main equipment for injection molding. The technical parameters and performance of the injection molding machine are closely related to the plastic properties and injection molding process. The further improvement and development of injection molding equipment will certainly promote the progress of injection molding technology and create favorable conditions for the development and application of injection molding products.
With the development of plastics and molding technology, the production and variety of injection molding machines have been greatly improved. From the perspective of the main production of plastic machinery in the world, such as the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan, the output of injection molding machines is increasing year by year and accounts for a large proportion of the whole plastic machinery. The development and application of new industrial plastics put forward higher requirements for injection molding machinery and equipment, making it develop in the direction of multiple varieties, full specifications, high efficiency, high speed, high precision, low energy consumption and low noise, and large injection molding machines will rise again.
From the perspective of several developed countries producing injection molding machines, in the mid-1970s, 4% of the injection molding machines produced with a sales force of more than 600 tons and 2% of the injection molding machines produced with a sales force of more than 1000 tons. However, by the end of the 1970s, due to the development and application of engineering plastics, especially structural foam plastics, in automobile, machinery, large household appliances, construction, aerospace, shipbuilding and other industrial sectors, the injection molding machine has turned to large-scale. The United States, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and other countries have the capacity to produce large injection molding machines.
In terms of the technical development of large-scale injection molding, the clamping system adopts the full hydraulic type or the hydraulic-mechanical type, namely the crankshaft speed bar type, both of which are competitive in the market. However, no matter what form of injection, its development direction must be low energy consumption, low noise, easy control of locking force, stable operation, safe and reliable and easy maintenance.
In recent years, the technology of small and medium-sized injection molding machines has developed rapidly. In terms of process parameters, the plasticizing capacity and injection pressure have been greatly improved. Some have developed into ultra-high series with injection pressure
451Mpa (4600kgf/cm), the mold cavity pressure can reach 98Mpa (1000kgf/cm) on this equipment, which makes the rate of injection molding products almost zero, and can inject 0.1-0.2mm thick thin products.

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