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Injection Blow Molding Machine 200ml 300ml Plastic Bottles Making

1 piece
USD 28900-55200 piece
Injection Blow Molding Machine 200ml 300ml Plastic Bottles Making
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Production Capacity: As Per Samples
Screw Diameter: 50mm
Clamping Force Of Blowing: 89 Kn
Suitable Bottle Range: 5ml-1L
Transport Package: Film Packing
High Light:

Plastic Bottles Injection Blow Molding Machine


300ml Injection Blow Molding Machine


Injection Blow Molding Machine 200ml

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINE
Brand Name: DAWSON
Certification: CE
Model Number: IBM45
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden
Delivery Time: 45-65 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 25 pieces per month
Product Description
Injection Blow Molding Machine IBM35D
Injection blow molding is a kind of blow molding method which combines injection molding with blow molding. Firstly, the mold with bottom is produced by injection molding, and then the mold is transferred to the blow mold for blow molding. Injection blow molding is the first step to produce the mold embryo. The injection agent injects the melt into the injection mold with the blowing core tube to form the mold embryo with the bottom, and then transfers it to the blowing mold of the blowing station through the mechanical device for blowing; After that, the mold is inflated, the blow mold is closed, and the compressed air is introduced into the mold through the mandrel air hole. The mold is tightly fitted with the blow molding cavity under the action of air pressure, and then transferred to the demoulding station after cooling; Finally, the product is demoulded. At the demoulding station, the product is ejected from the mandrel or directly sent to the packaging position, and then the next cycle of production is carried out.
The injection and blowing process has high automation depth and production efficiency; The quality of molded products is better than that of extrusion blow molding; The product has no splicing, high strength at the bottom, uniform wall thickness and high precision of mouth size; There is no corner scrap or flash, and the seam line of the product can hardly be seen;
It is suitable for processing large quantities of 5ml to 1L small plastic refined containers and wide mouth containers, such as cosmetics, daily necessities, medicine and food packaging bottles.
Item   Unit Date
Injection system Screw Diameter mm 40
Max. Theoretical injection capacity G 176
Heating capacity KW 7.2
No. of heating area Qty 3
Clamping & blowing system Clamping force of injection kn 350
Clamping force of blowing kn 40
Opening stroke of mold platen mm 120
Max. Platen size (L×W) mm 420×340
Min. Mold thickness (H) mm 180
Heating capacity of mould KW 2.8
Product dimension range Suitable bottle range ml 3-800
Max. bottle height mm ≤180
Max. Dia. of bottle mm ≤80
Dry cycle s 4
Hydraulic driving system Motor power KW 11/15
hydraulic pressure Mpa 14
Pneumatic system Min. Air pressure Mpa ≥0.8
Discharge rate of compressed air M3/mm ≥0.7
Cooling system Water flowage M3/h 3
  Total rated power with mold heating KW 21/25
Machine information Dimension M 3.1×1.2×2.2
machine weight Ton 4.0
Machine Advantages

Bottle is a container that can hold liquid or solid, which can be seen everywhere in our life, including medicine bottle, cosmetics bottle and beverage bottle. Due to the rapid development of the petroleum industry, human beings invented high molecular polymer, which is commonly known as plastics. Since then, our bottle materials have changed from single glass or ceramics to various kinds of plastics. Drawing lessons from the long history of glass container blowing process, the extrusion or injection molding plastic mold in relativistic state is placed in the blowing mold, and the mold is inflated by a certain pressure of compressed air to make it close to the cavity wall. After cooling and setting, the mold is demolished to obtain the plastic hollow products with the same shape as the cavity. This is the hollow blow molding process we are familiar with.

Common blow molding processes include extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and stretch blow molding. Extrusion blow molding, extruding molten material by extrusion device, placing extrusion embryo in blow molding mold for blowing, demolding and taking out products after cooling and setting; In injection blow molding, the bottom mold is first injected, then transferred to the blow mold to blow, cooled and shaped, and then demoulded to take out the product; Stretch blow molding is to produce the mold embryo by extrusion or injection, put it in the blow mold, stretch it axially with the drawing rod, blow it horizontally, then cool it to shape, and finally demould the product.
In the production of the same product, injection blowing and extrusion blowing have inherent advantages, such as no flash, no waste, accurate size, high production efficiency of three-step method, three working positions working at the same time, no need to wait in neutral position; With the conveyor belt, the testing equipment can directly enter the packaging station, with a high degree of automation. Therefore, a conclusion can be drawn: in the range of packaging bottles, the injection blowing process can improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.
Dawson injection blow molding machine is equipped with professional injection system and precision control system, which can meet the requirements of high-speed opening and closing mold, high clamping force and uniform distribution of clamping force at each position of the mold. The three position rotary lifting system can rotate 120 ° to make the three positions of injection molding, blow molding and demoulding run continuously and smoothly. At the same time, due to the use of hydraulic drive linkage mechanism, the positioning of the machine is more accurate, the maintenance cost is lower, and it is more rapid and stable. The demoulding station cooperates with the conveyor belt to realize automatic demoulding, automatic counting and automatic packaging. The whole process avoids manual contact, so that the products produced by the machine can meet the stringent requirements in the field of medicine and health.
our own engineers team, we have more then 18 years experience in this field.
1. The servo motor of our machine uses PHASE from Italy, it is the best supplier of servo motors.

2. The cylinder drive has been upgraded to a single cylinder, which is more stable and stronger. Life is also longer than the


Our pneumatic valve uses FESTO Germany, which is the first quality in the world. Its purchase cost itself is very high, but the
quality is very stable and the service life is very long.

Injection blow plastic bottles are molded from raw materials to finished products in one step, with a high degree of automation, no need of manual secondary processing, labor saving, hygienic and in line with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. It is especially suitable for the production of pharmaceutical bottles, juice, beverage, milk bottles and cosmetic bottles and other industries with higher bottle requirements.

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