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​The structure of the storage blow molding machine

January 4, 2022

​The structure of the storage blow molding machine

1 Extrusion system

Main components: reducer reducer, screw motor, screw motor, screw heater, cooling fan, hopper dryer


2. Die head of accumulator

Main components: die head, die head heater, die set


3. Mold opening and closing system

Main components: mould template, clamping arm, clamping tie bar, clamping oil cylinders


4. Electric control system

Main components: controller PLC touch screen Touch screen temperature control module temperature control module contactor contactor relay Relay power supply power source circuit breaker Breaker fuse fuse inverter Invertor switch switch wall thickness controller parison controller


5. Hydraulic system

Main components: oil tank oil tank oil pump oil pump hydraulic valve hydraulic valves oil pump motor oil pump motor oil pipe oil pipe oil cooler oil cooler servo motor servo motor servo controller servo controller


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