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The purpose of injection molding machine

July 27, 2022


The purpose of injection molding machine

Folding classification and use

The injection molding machine has the ability to form plastic products with complex appearance, precise dimensions or dense texture with metal inserts at one time. It is widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education and health and people in all areas of daily life. Today, with the rapid development of the plastics industry, injection molding machines occupy an important position in both quantity and variety, and their total production accounts for 20% to 30% of the entire plastic molding equipment, thus becoming the fastest growing plastic machinery industry. One of the most popular models. According to relevant statistics, from 1996 to 1998, my country exported 8,383 injection molding machines (sets) and imported 42,959 injection molding machines (sets). 42.9%.


There are many manufacturers of injection molding machines in China, and according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 2,000. There are two types of injection molding machines: vertical and horizontal. According to the products produced, it can be divided into ordinary and precision injection molding machines.


Development of the folding industry

The injection molding machine manipulator is an automatic production equipment that can imitate part of the functions of the upper limbs of the human body and can automatically control it to transport products or handle tools for production operations according to predetermined requirements. Chinese plastic processing plants in the coastal areas of South China and East China are showing increasing interest in robots, but the penetration rate of injection molding machine robots in the domestic plastic machine industry is less than 10%. Robots ensure cycle consistency, improve quality, and increase safety. With the rapid development of the plastics processing industry in my country, the automation of injection molding equipment is also getting higher and higher. Modern injection molding machines are often equipped with robots to increase productivity. The number of injection molding machines exported and imported in my country is basically the same, both are about 15,000 units, but the import value is 920 million US dollars, and the export value is 350 million US dollars. Precision injection molding machines are mainly foreign brands. Biaxially oriented PET in extrusion equipment, film units, and precision medical catheter extrusion units have always been the territory of foreign companies. It is very necessary to develop domestic precision injection molding and extrusion equipment with independent intellectual property rights. On the one hand, it can replace imports, and it can also make my country occupy a place in the international high-end plastic machinery market. Traditional plastic machinery still has certain potential in terms of energy saving, because the previous design often only focused on the production capacity of a single machine. In the design of energy-saving plastic machinery, the production speed is not the most important indicator, the most important indicator is the energy consumption per unit weight of products. Therefore, the mechanical structure, control mode, and operating process conditions of the equipment must be optimized based on the minimum energy consumption.


With the rise of energy saving and consumption reduction as a national strategy, the issue of energy saving of injection molding machines has also been widely concerned. In the field of conventional injection molding machines, there are two relatively mature ways of using inverters and servo motors for energy saving. Among them, servo motors are more and more widely accepted.


The servo energy-saving series injection molding machine is equipped with a high-performance servo variable speed power control system. During the molding process of the injection molding machine, different frequencies are output for different pressure flows, and precise closed-loop control of the pressure flow is performed to realize the servo motor on the injection molding. High-speed response and optimal matching and automatic adjustment of energy requirements.


1. Adopt high-performance servo controller, servo motor and other energy-saving devices.


2. Sensitive servo control system, quick start response time is only 0.04S.


3. The servo motor and hydraulic system form a closed-loop control, which greatly improves the repeatability compared with the traditional model.


4. Reduce the impact of mold opening and locking, and prolong the service life of mechanical parts and molds.


5. Reduce the use of electricity. Under ideal working conditions, the power saving efficiency of this model can reach 20%-80% compared with the traditional injection molding machine.


6. The calorific value of the system is much lower than that of the traditional injection molding machine, which saves about 30% of the cooling water consumption and prolongs the service life of oil seals and hydraulic parts.


7. The noise of the whole line is low when running, which is significantly lower than that of the traditional injection molding machine.

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